Lit Scholarship Award of 2003

As described in the program for the event, a certificate was presented to Steven Neese on August 23, 2003.

Bill Vicars circulated an Email afterward and described the ceremony (photos) as follows:

Hello All,

Just wanted to let you know that the ceremony dedicating the memorial plaque and awarding of the first Professor Alfred Lit Memorial Scholarship seemed to go quite well. Many who attended said so (but I don't suppose anyone would tell if they felt it didn't go well!) While no formal head count was made, there were 35 who signed the guest book, and I'd guess at least another 15 or so who were there.

Of course, we gathered in the hallway where the plaque is mounted, which is not the best place to have a gathering; nevertheless I was impressed with the number and variety who came. There were four of the ten living doctoral students: Paul Duffy came all the way from the DC area (by way of Los Angeles), John & Mary Finn came from New York (near West Point), and Bill & Judy Dwyer from Memphis. In addition, one of the original lab subjects, a student worker, a handful of retired psychology faculty, several current faculty, a former department secretary, and additional relatives and friends were present. Their presence was quite a tribute to both Fred and Jean. Agricola 1556, p. 162:  A deep-shaft lifting machine, with flywheel

We managed to stick to the program (which I had previously emailed you) and got finished in about a half hour. The ceremony was joyous but also emotional at times--it was obvious that Jean was deeply touched and appreciative. When the plaque was unveiled I think it surprised almost everyone as to how much the visage actually looked like Fred. While I'm a bit biased, I think I can fairly say it is a beautiful work of art. The people at Metal Decor in Springfield, IL did a great job.

The scholarship recipient was presented with a beautiful commemorative certificate. He struck me as just the right kind of student for this award, a gracious yet appropriately modest gentleman. I believe he would have been chosen by Fred himself, and I feel that someday he will make big contributions to the field. The scholarship selection committee should be congratulated on doing such a fine job.

After the "formal" ceremony, a lot of us gathered at Tres Hombres for a couple of hours of fellowship and reminiscing. The appetizers and drinks were graciously provided by Jean, and I'm sure a good time was had by all. Just to make sure they were fit and safe for human consumption, I had two (or was it three?) margaritas myself. :-)

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