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You may download Charged Interaction Point our posting-priority list (PDF document), which includes a Pulfrich Effect bibliography and details our plan for posting future papers at this site.

Changes to this site:

1998-12-05 (Site installed inhouse at SIU-C for Alpha Test)
1999-03-25 (Initial site online for 6-month Beta Test)
1999-09-25 (Ended the Beta Test period)
News Origin is Here:
2010-10-15Added three Nickalls papers to external links page, with refs
from Nickalls' Theorem page. Also added a baseball curveball
news clip to external links under human factors.
2010-07-22Updated Lit Awards page for 2010.
2010-07-17Made all queued changes noted below. Added photo of Mt.
Hamilton in winter to Lick page. Updated Lit Awards for 2008 and 2009.
2009-07-28Added ref. to Ole Roemer article to Pers. Eqn. page
Added link on Phys & Astro page to Pers Eqn. page.
2009-06-06Changed S. Newcomb italicized 'personal equation' ref. to a link.
Added paragraph on APF project to Lick main page.
2009-05-30Fixed more C. Pulfrich URLs by capitalizing .gz file names (unclear why
upload to server downcased some file names).
NOTE: Access to the web site was interrupted from April 2009 through
July 2010; the three next changes were scheduled at the times logged
but actually were made on 2010-07-17.
2009-04-11Updated Dick Nickalls' Email; fixed three C. Pulfrich URLs.
2009-03-20Added quotes from Simon Newcomb biog. to Personal Equation pages.
2008-11-29Added closeup dome photo to Lick page; added mention of KEK
power supplies to SLAC page. Added my Big Boing satire and Global Warming
deduction to Phys & Astro Tidbits.
2008-07-16Fixed "west" to "east" on Lick Obs. main page.
2008-03-01Added Alicia Swan's alma mater to Lit award page.
2008-01-01Updated Email address on Nickalls' Theorem page.
2007-12-19Updated Dick Nickalls' Email address on Credits page.
2007-11-18Added 2007 Lit Award info; fixed "2005" typo on 2006
award page. Added overview of linac site to SLAC P&S page.
2007-04-14Minor rephrases in Meteor Crater page.
2007-04-10Fixed typo in Phys of c proof; added labels to proof axes.
2007-04-07Replaced Lasik cataract enternal link with one to NEI.
Rephrased some of the Diffract text. Added flash-lag effect ref on ext links.
2007-04-05Fixed Diffract typo; revised speed of light proof.
2007-04-03Added speed-of-light proof and link on Phys n Astro.
2007-03-17Added Atmospheric Scattering link to Physics and
Astronomy page. Added direct link to Phys n Astro on home page menu.
2007-02-24Expanded Carlson DVD commentary on ext links page.
Added site-map ref to Physics and Astronomy tidbits.
2006-12-20Minor rewording on Meteor Crater page.
2006-12-19Fixed redirectors by removing index.html tail.
2006-12-18Added Meteor Crater page. Changed
index.html redirectors to absolute web address of top page.
2006-03-06Fixed Rigby-proof page typoes.
2006-03-05Added Rigby Proof page (Nickall's Theorem).
2006-02-05Added photo presentation of 2005 Lit Scholarship award.
2005-11-25Minor edits on Physics & Astronomy Lick Observatory page.
2005-11-20Added a photo of Mt. Hamilton viewed from El Camino
to the Physics & Astronomy Lick Observatory page.
2005-11-06Posted the Lit Scholarship certificate awarded
to Kit Elam.
2005-07-31Fixed Nickalls (2000) ext. link.
Replaced the Nickalls (1986) PDF with an updated version.
2005-06-27Fixed Horn cataract ext. link. Added link to NASA cataract posting.
2005-04-30Added Privacy Policy links to all pages.
Added photo of Debbie Bychowski & Mike Young to 2004 Awards.
2004-09-30Added pendulum images to Pulfrich text explanation.
Revised SLAC NLC text for superconducting magnets. Fixed a Lick typo.
2004-08-13Minor improvements to Lick & SLAC pages.
2004-08-12Added introductory text explanation, so readers
don't have to dive right into technicalities. Added photos and
text for Lick Observatory and SLAC to Personal Equation page.
2004-06-01Fixed "months" again. Added Debbie Bychowski
to recipients; added Jean Lit photo, at console. Slightly
reorganized award pages for future ease of maintenance.
2004-05-08Fixed "months" on Fred Lit portrait page.
2004-04-17Added D. P. Carlson Pulfrich DVD sample as link to externals page.
2004-04-13Replaced root page SIU-C logo with official one.
2004-04-04Fixed link to Psych Dept home.
2004-03-14Added Lit Endowment donation address.
2004-02-09Fixed many broken external links.
2003-12-18Added photos from the 2003 award ceremony.
Fixed typo in J. M. W. text Explanation.
2003-09-27Set TABLE width=100% and cols=1 to mitigate effect.
Added Lit Scholarship award & ceremony info.
2003-08-18Removed root page main TABLE width=95%
to work around display stretching in Netscape 7.
2003-05-10Added Fred Lit Obit & some Lit Scholarship info.
2002-12-14Added ext link to Guy Malherbe's stereoscopic effects site.
2002-11-03Added ext link to FilmFoetus ad for DVD including Pulfrich 3-D film.
2002-07-03Added ext link to Tyzx 3-D video chip article.
2002-06-06Added ext link to Anzai, et al, 2001.
2002-02-09Added link to 2D Curve site & from Nickalls' Theorem page. Minor rewordings.
2001-08-18Added abstract of Canales (2001) "Exit the frog . . .".
2001-08-04Added ext. link to Cambridge U. Press.
2001-04-17Added C. Wolf (1865) to Personal Equation page.
2001-03-01Updated external links.
2001-02-05Corrected ref. to Canales (2001) in press.
2001-02-03Added Canales (2001) on personal equation.
New history external links.
2001-01-04Added OSA and ARVO external links.
2000-11-15Some minor changes: OSA in 2001.
2000-08-31Noted Alfred Lit's death on Contributors' page.
2000-08-09Fixed CF signs in text explanation.
2000-08-07Added Lit & Hyman (1951).
2000-07-23Fixed BGCOLOR syntax on numerous old pages.
2000-07-18Added some links to Text Explain page;
Added Alfred Lit photo to Contributors page.
2000-06-28Updated External Links page.
2000-06-12Added Christianson & Hofstetter (1972).
2000-06-08Added Lit, Dwyer, & Morandi (1968).
2000-06-01Added Lit (1966).
2000-02-20Added synopsis of Rushton (1975).
1999-11-11Rewrote synopsis of Lit (1964) for clarity.
Added synopsis of Lit & Finn (1976) and Wilson & Lit (1981).
1999-11-07Added synopsis of Lit (1964) and Lit & Hamm (1966).
Updated ext. links with OSA site.
1999-11-03Added Lit & Vicars (1966).
1999-10-25Added onscreen illusion instructions
to Pulfrich animated explanation page.
1999-10-08Fixed a few text typoes in Lythgoe (1938).
1999-10-03Minor changes to Nickalls' Theorem pages.
1999-09-25Added Lythgoe (1938) and Nickalls' Theorem pages.
1999-09-08Added personal equation page to By Response Time.
1999-05-02Some changes to external link organization & images.
Posting-priority list now sorted twice, by author & by date.
1999-04-18Added some new Pulfrich external links.
1999-04-09Added many decorative images; updated priority list.

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