The Pulfrich Effect: Credits to Contributors

Drude 1902, p. 246:  The Norrenberg Polariscope

This web site was designed and implemented by John Michael Williams, who prepared the initial specifications.

Alfred Lit at Carbondale, Illinois, ca. 1983
Alfred Lit
1914 - 2000
Professor Emeritus Alfred Lit, world authority on the Pulfrich Effect, approved the specifications, obtained author and publisher permissions, and arranged for SIU-C Psychology Department support without which the site would not have been possible.

The original idea for the site was conceived by R. W. D. Nickalls, who first suggested it in 1997. Visitors interested in a novel, rotating-target, Pulfrich apparatus for research or clinical use may wish to contact
Dr. R. W. D. Nickalls,, Department of Anaesthesia, City Hospital, Nottingham, UK.

Special thanks are due to San Jose State University Serials Department, Clark Library, and to Lane Medical Library, Stanford University, for help in obtaining the documents posted at this web site.

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