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Pulfrich Effect Literature: Discovery: Pulfrich (1922)
Christianson & Hofstetter (1972) (Pulfrich biog.)
Illumination: Lythgoe (1938)
Lit (1949)
Observation Distance: Lit & Hyman (1951)
Target Velocity: Lit (1960)
Target Thickness: Lit (1960)
vs Reaction Time & Intensity Discrim: Brauner and Lit (1976)
Theory: Alpern (1968)
Nickalls (1986)
Applications: Rushton (1975): Medicine
nonPulfrich Effect Literature: Illumination: Alpern (1954)
Lit (1959)
Lit (1964)
Lit and Hamm (1966)
Lit (1966)
Lit, Dwyer & Morandi (1968)
Stimulus Timing: Lit (1960)
Lit and Finn (1976)
Lit (1978)
Response Timing: Physics and Astronomy Tidbits
Personal Equation Page
Lit and Vicars (1966)
Lit, Young, and Shaffer (1971)
Wilson and Lit (1981)
Menendez and Lit (1983)
Explanations: Text Explanations Animated Explanations Pulfrich Target View Pulfrich Target Geometry
Lit Memorial Scholarships

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